CIRT Team Members and Consultations


You may call any of the CIRT members listed at any time for consultation, no matter how insignificant your situation may seem. We encourage you to assist us in preventing crises before they occur. When referring a student to CIRT for consultation/follow up provide us with as much information as possible.

Team Members
Petaluma Campus
Roberto Alvarado, Petaluma Campus, Academic Counseling (707) 778-3916
Matthew Long, Petaluma Campus, Student Services (707) 778-3930  

Santa Rosa Campus
Robert Brownlee, District Police (707) 527-1000
Bert Epstein, Student Psychological Services (707) 524-1595
Robert Ethington, Student Affairs (707) 527-4573
Jeane Erlenborn, Student Health Services, PEI (707) 521-6930
Erica Lohne, Academic Counseling (707) 524-1555
Margaret Grayson, Disability Resources (707) 524-1795
Stephanie Jarrett, Human Resources (707) 527-4822
Steve Potter, District Police (707) 527-1000
Kimberly Starke, Disability Resources (707) 527-4276
Bill Stinson, District Police (707) 527-1000
Susan Quinn, Student Health Services (707) 524-1598